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What is epektasis? It is primarily about politics. But it is also about human rights, democracy, good governance, peace, justice and reconciliation. deals with issues impacting the peoples of the Middle East - conflict backgrounds, symptoms, realities, fears and possible solutions - that are viewed through a dual Middle Eastern-European lens..

Inasmuch as possible, my articles adhere to the overarching Christian ethos of striving to 'stretch forward' (epekteinomenos in Greek, from St Paul in Phil 3:13) - politically, ecumenically and legally - the elements of peace, justice, reconciliation, dignity, non-violence and security.


The MENA region wrestles with its genie!But I am at best a ‘pessoptimist’ along the lines of the satirist Emile Habibi.

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Don’t Forget Israel and Palestine!

Ali, you are a young symbol of our collective and miserable failure. May you rest in peace!

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France, Kuwait, Tunisia: Where Next?

True, we often seek quick answers that might provide equally quick solutions, but I would opine that nobody has discovered them yet.

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The loud silence of deadened hopes?

How many 1947 Marshall Plans will we manage to put together and how many modern-day Trumans or Roosevelts will be ready to wade into the rubble?

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Are religions viewed as bridges or checkpoints?

Frankly, the jury is still very much out and the presiding judge’s summation is not very persuasive for me either!

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The expectations in 1967 - not unlike 1948 and 1956 in some sense - were of a resounding victory by the Arab countries.

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