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epektasis consolidates Dr Harry Hagopian's writings on behalf of different political, church-related and non-governmental organisations on issues dealing with Jerusalem, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Middle East, North African (MENA) & Gulf regions with all their hopes and disappointments, Muslim-Christian relations, as well as on broader issues impacting the wider ecumenical movement or else Armenians.


About the Author

Dr Harry Hagopian, an Armenian born in Jordan and long-time resident of both France & the UK, is a lawyer who holds a Doctorate in Public International Law and an LL.M in Alternative Dispute (Conflict) Resolution. He completed his studies in France, England and Scotland.

Over the decades, Harry worked as an intellectual property lawyer (Patents & Trademarks) in the MENA and Gulf regions before joining the Middle East Council of Churches.

He later became Executive Secretary of the Jerusalem Inter-Church Committee where he practised as a second-track negotiator and articulated the collective position of the 13 traditional Churches of Jerusalem over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict - particularly relating to Jerusalem during Oslo and subsequent chapters of political negotiations.

Harry has written major treatises on Armenian topics, as well as on Women’s Rights in Islam and on Blasphemy / Apostasy legal cases under Common Law principles. He has also published two books, The Armenian Church in the Holy Land (2017) and Keeping Faith with Hope: The Challenge of Israel-Palestine (2019). His interviews, articles, podcasts and comments can be found on his epektasis website