image of jerusalem 2015

What is epektasis? It is primarily about politics. But it is also about human rights, democracy, good governance, peace, justice and reconciliation at a time of turbulence across the MENA region. deals with issues impacting the peoples of the Middle East - conflict backgrounds, symptoms, realities, fears and possible solutions - that are viewed through a dual Middle Eastern-European lens.

Inasmuch as possible, my articles adhere to the overarching Christian ethos of striving to 'stretch forward' (epekteinomenos in Greek, from St Paul in Phil 3:13) - politically, ecumenically and legally - the elements of peace, justice, reconciliation, dignity, non-violence and security.


Does Europe need to batten the hatches?Let me posit a few sparse and exigent thoughts about those events and how they attach themselves to the troubling realities of the MENA region.

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The EU: a concrete idea or an elusive hope?

The outcome of the Brexit referendum remains unpredictable.

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Yemen: a whole country wasting under siege?

I am not too sure I hold such absolute truths with utter conviction, and so here are my thoughts.

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How much more political rubble in Syria?

But he was more scathing about the way the Arabs were sold down the drain too and how Syria was one of the few countries still resisting Western imperialism.

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The MENA on the cusp of a new year!

This is the kernel of my truth for the waning days of 2015. I hope to be proven wrong in 2016.

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