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What is epektasis? It is primarily about politics. But it is also about human rights, democracy, good governance, peace, justice and reconciliation at a time of turbulence across the MENA region. deals with issues impacting the peoples of the Middle East - conflict backgrounds, symptoms, realities, fears and possible solutions - that are viewed through a dual Middle Eastern-European lens.

Inasmuch as possible, my articles adhere to the overarching Christian ethos of striving to 'stretch forward' (epekteinomenos in Greek, from St Paul in Phil 3:13) - politically, ecumenically and legally - the elements of peace, justice, reconciliation, dignity, non-violence and security.


The Boomerang Syndrome!However, Einstein is supposedly credited for saying that “stupidity is doing the same thing, over and over again, expecting different results”.

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Article 50: circumstantial versus direct evidence?

And being an international lawyer myself, I am biased enough to argue that the judicial process could now separate the chaff from the wheat and judge on the best way forward.

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So What Next for Turkey?

Why, the more naive reader might well ask me?

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Syria: is this the end of hope?

So is this the dystopian end of hope as I understand it for Syria?

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Palestine: An Ever-Shrinking Map!

The organisers offered me ninety generous minutes to cover the whole MENA and Gulf regions.

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Yemen: a whole country wasting under siege?

I am not too sure I hold such absolute truths with utter conviction, and so here are my thoughts.

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